Home & Building Automation


Founded by Walter Viaro Francis Gusi on 1 May 1945 in Marostica, the VIMAR (from Viaro Marostica) is in the business of producing electrical and electronic equipment.
Product quality has always been Vimar’s core business value.
Today the company continues to manufacture at Marostica, believing in the made in Italy brand sign.
Vimar’s product combines aesthetic quality, technological innovation and easy installation qualities. The company today is represented through hundreds of offices all around the world.

Home automation By-me
Based on the values, experience, high-quality technology and design that have set us apart for over 60 years, we present you solutions for the automation of homes, buildings effective and innovative responses developed based on your personal needs and requirements.

Well-contact Plus – The KNX standard automation system
From lighting to access control, from monitoring consumption levels to working with other devices in the structure, all this can all be managed using Well-contact Plus. A unique system developed on the KNX standard that enables you to programme, coordinate and supervise all the functions in the building, whether it be an office, hotel, shop or gym.