Wiring Devices


Founded by Walter Viaro Francis Gusi on 1 May 1945 in Marostica, the VIMAR (from Viaro Marostica) is in the business of producing electrical and electronic equipment.
Product quality has always been Vimar’s core business value.
Today the company continues to manufacture at Marostica, believing in the made in Italy brand sign.
Vimar’s product combines aesthetic quality, technological innovation and easy installation qualities. The company today is represented through hundreds of offices all around the world.

Wiring devices categorized according to design and functions:

  • EIKON 4D luxury and technology
    Discover Eikon, technology and design for those who want to make the lighting device into a real element of interior design.
  • ARKE’ lives in your time
    Contemporary design, advanced functions, home automation that makes running a home simple.
  • PLANA essential, with verve
    Discover Plana – unique, essential, universal, linear, international