The evolution of success: 50 years of style and innovation.

Ever since the company was founded by Orlando Miozzo in 1954, Elvox has been one of the Already a leader in the video door entry system sector, the company now began to establish a strong position in the field of automation and safety systems.

At the end of the decade, the opening of new market opportunities led to a well-researched entry into the world of telephony. The start-up of new business areas such as CCTV and the intensification of investments in research and development has enabled the company to expand its horizons to an even wider range of applications including the integrated management and control of residential, commercial, manufacturing and public spaces by combining its door entry products with a range of domotic controls, key players in the intercom and, subsequently, video door entry system sector.

Elvox video door entry systems in tune with the future
Entrance panels, entryphone and video entryphones

Seeing what goes on outside the home, recognizing those who ring our doorbell and communicating accurately are all crucial operations for living a quiet life. This is why we need access to advanced solutions based on innovative technology that can ensure the security and clarity we require by simultaneously combining user-friendliness with a system that is simple to install. Not to mention a sharp focus on the design and typical style of fine all-Italian production, which provides essential added value.